Commercial letterboxes Click to see example bank configurations

Commercial letterboxes are the main focus at Hermax. Our modern range is made from sturdy aluminium and are powder-coat finished in a wide variety of colours. Banked mailboxes are available in several standard formats but we're able to adapt to your individual needs. Letterbox openings are available in landscape and portrait sizes. Sizes are Australia Post recommended and make A4 letters a breeze.

Exclusive to Hermax: New sturdy and secure design

Sturdy and secure doors

Our new design features a beautiful and minimalist front profile. The face is smooth and modern and contains a small groove where the number strip is positioned.

The doors on our design are now a whopping 2mm thick. This makes it much much more resistant to damage as well ensuring that a highest level of physical security is provided against intruders. Best of all our new design is available at no extra cost.

Our new design is exclusive to Hermax letterboxes.

Sturdy and secure frames

We also offer a new hardier and thicker structural frame to match our stronger doors. These frames have a new stronger and more compact floor and ceiling system for our commercial banks of letterboxes. This allows us to offer a stronger and better product with no increase in cost.


  • Direct to the public means that you save money with Ex. factory prices.
  • Australia Post ® recommended sized openings for easy and A4 handling.
  • An established Australian brand that you can trust Hermax to deliver.
  • We have a fast turn around time on orders allowing us to meet your needs fast.
  • Flexible with your requirements so that we fit with different styles and needs.
letterbox opening


  • Direct to the public with Ex. factory prices.
  • Front or rear opening banked letterboxes.
  • Latch or key locks available.
  • Fast 10 to 15 day turnaround time from order confirmation.
  • Huge range of colours available including Dulux ® colours.
  • Numerous colours available for lettebox name strips.

Standard letterbox shapes and sizes

These standard sizes are recommeded by Australia Post ®

  1. Portrait: 240mm wide x 330mm deep x 190mm high
  2. Landscape: 340mm wide x 240mm deep x 190mm high
letterbox lock

How to buy

The best option for buying is to fill out the no-obligation "request a quote" form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. All contact options include:

  1. For enquiries phone 0412 483 798
  2. For quotes use the request a quote form
  3. For general enquiries use the contact form

Trading hours

Monday to Friday: 7 am to 1 pm (or by special appointment)

Example commercial bank configurations

Front opening commercial mailboxes

Front opening commercial mailboxes

Rear opening commercial mailboxes

Rear opening commercial mailboxes - GET A QUOTE fast ON OUR WEBSITE!

Commercial mailboxes mounted into a wall

Commercial mailboxes mounted into a wall

Freestanding banked mailboxes

Front opening, freestanding banked commercial mailboxes.

Front view of back opening commercial mailboxes

This is a front view of a back opening bank of commercial mailboxes

Wall mountable Commercial mailboxes

Wall mountable banked commercial mailboxes. Use our web based quote form for an fast friendly quote.

Front opening bank

Front opening commercial mailboxes, available in Aust Post recommended sizes of Landscape (340 mm wide x 240 mm deep x 190 mm high) or Portrait (240 x 330 x 190)


Front opening bank of commercial letterboxes with side mounted posts


View of back of rear opening commercial mailboxes - GET A QUOTE fast ON OUR WEBSITE! *NEW, EXCLUSIVE! Our letterbox doors are now 2mm thick making them much more resistant to damage!


View of front of rear opening commercial mailboxes - GET A QUOTE fast ON OUR WEBSITE! *NEW, EXCLUSIVE! Our letterbox doors are now 2mm thick making them much more resistant to damage!


Bank of 19 Portrait size letterboxes plus a central top street number panel. *NEW, EXCLUSIVE! Our letterbox doors are now 2mm thick making them much more resistant to damage!


Bank of 12 front opening mailboxes, 6 high x 2 wide, in Portrait (240mm wide x 330mm deep x 190mm high), key locks (2 keys), number strips, & incl optional picture frame surround.

7 Pin Radial Locks available

Secdure 7 Pin Radial Locks also available for an extra cost

Bricked in bank

Attractive example of a bank mounted partially into a wall.

Smooth Side Covers

"Blanking" side covers are available as an optional extra, for letterbox banks to be mounted ONTO the surface of a wall, to hide all fasteners on the sides of the bank.

Combination locks

Combination locks on doors on commercial banks are also available, at an extra cost, which allow the apartment owner to change the combination code.


Attractive large freestanding bank of front opening, Portrait sized boxes mounted on heavy duty, 75mm x 75mm square posts with an extra central support post.